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Our professionally skilled team consists of cutter who cuts out, from lengths of cloth panels that make up a suit. We precisely measure the client’s body measurements, advise them on style choices, and sew the suit or garment accordingly. Our alterationists adjust the fit of completed garments, and restyle them if needed. Expert designers with sufficient experience perceive combinations of line, proportion, colour, and texture for intended garments and sketch or conceptualize garments. They work together with technical sewers who know how to actually construct the garment. Patternmakers flat draft the shapes and sizes of the numerous pieces of a garment by hand, using paper and measuring tools or by computer using AutoCAD based software. The resulting pattern pieces comprise the intended design of the garment and they fit the intended wearer exactly according to the measurements. This apart our professional wardrobe consultants, fashion advisors and stylists recommend styles and colours that are flattering to a client and help them to select the perfect combination of garment that suits well on them.